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Test Series

Prefixes and Suffixes

प्रश्न 1   Choose the correct word :
There were only a ....... of students in the class. (hand)

 (अ) handless
 (ब) handful
 (स) handage
 (द) handment

उत्तर : handful

प्रश्न 2   Choose the option where the prefix has been used correctly in the words given below :
1. Initial
2. Innumerable
3. Irritate
4. Unless
5. rreparable
Choose the most appropriate answer from the options given below :

 (अ) 2 and 5 only
 (ब) 1, 2 and 5 only
 (स) 2 and 3 only
 (द) 3, 4 and 5 only

उत्तर : 2 and 5 only

प्रश्न 3   What suffix can you not add to the end of the word ‘harm’ to make a new word ?
 (अ) ful
 (ब) ing
 (स) ed
 (द) est

उत्तर : est

प्रश्न 4   Choose from the options given below, the word formed by the prefix ‘Im’.
Options :

 (अ) Important
 (ब) Impatient
 (स) Image
 (द) Imagination

उत्तर : Impatient

प्रश्न 5   In which of the following words “al” is not used as suffix ?
 (अ) Disposal
 (ब) Renewal
 (स) Reversal
 (द) Loyal

उत्तर : Loyal

प्रश्न 6   Select the correct prefix to add to the underline word in the context of the given sentence.
You _____ honour Shyam by calling him a terrorist.

 (अ) un-
 (ब) mis-
 (स) dis-
 (द) ill-

उत्तर : dis-

प्रश्न 7   Identify the incorrect use of the prefix :

 (अ) Undergo
 (ब) Underground
 (स) Undersell
 (द) Underover

उत्तर : Underover

प्रश्न 8   Choose the word with incorrect prefix mis _____:
 (अ) mislike
 (ब) misfire
 (स) misjudge
 (द) misunderstand

उत्तर : mislike

प्रश्न 9   Choose the suffix that meaningfully completes the sentence:
It seems he has a very photograph___ memory as he can vividly recollect all that happened.

 (अ) ___ly
 (ब) ___ic
 (स) ___able
 (द) ___full

उत्तर : ___ic

प्रश्न 10   Choose the prefix that meaningfully completes the sentence:
It was rather ____fair that I alone was asked to report early for the meeting.

 (अ) af___
 (ब) un___
 (स) dis___
 (द) in___

उत्तर : un___

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