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Letter Writing

प्रश्न 1   Choose the correct option:
Modem business letter are usually written in-

 (अ) Full block style
 (ब) Indented style
 (स) Semi blocked style
 (द) Simplified style

प्रश्न 2   Choose the correct option:
A letter or advertisement which is distributed to a selective number of people within the organisation is -

 (अ) Office letter
 (ब) Notice
 (स) Circular
 (द) Tender

प्रश्न 3   Choose the correct option:
In a circular, language should be-

 (अ) round about
 (ब) to the point and objective
 (स) emotional
 (द) vague

प्रश्न 4   Which of the following makes an offer to supply goods and services ?
 (अ) Tender
 (ब) Notice
 (स) Circulars
 (द) Memo

प्रश्न 5   That main point is written in which part of an official or formal letter ?
 (अ) Post-script
 (ब) Opening
 (स) Body
 (द) Closing

प्रश्न 6   Choose the correct option :
In an official letter, you address the person you are writing to -

 (अ) as Sir/Madam
 (ब) by his/her first name
 (स) as “Sir and Madam”
 (द) informally

प्रश्न 7   In a formal letter what is the name given to the address and date at the top ?
 (अ) Starting
 (ब) Closing
 (स) Body
 (द) Heading

प्रश्न 8   ........... format is followed in writing business letters.
 (अ) Semi block
 (ब) Modified
 (स) Semi modified
 (द) Block

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